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Episode 71. Behind The Scenes of a MELD Fitness + Wellness Franchise

In this interview Micah interviews one of his employees Gabby at the corporate MELD Fitness + Wellness location. Gabby talks about what it’s like behind the scenes operating a...

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Replay – How to Build A Strong Brand Message With Kari Dephillips

Micah talks to Kari DePhillips from The Content Factory. Kari drops some bombs in this interview about how small business owners can craft a message that resonates with the...

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Replay – Creating A Strong Brand

In this replay episode we speak to George Paul from Seize The Brand to talk about how small business owners and entrepreneurs can create strong branding that tells their...

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70. Does Your Personality Type Predict Success?

In this episode of The Common Cents Show, Micah talks about which personality profile actually predicts success in business.  It’s very important when you are starting a business to...

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69. Replay – Interview With John Mcafee

John Mcafee is certainly one of the most eccentric guest that I’ve had on the show. With his death about a month ago, I decided to replay the interview...

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68. A Lesson in Leadership

Need a lesson in leadership? I spoke to Jim Adams about how he learned to lead after becoming a business owner.  He shares some valuable lessons about his business...

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67. From Teacher To Multi Million Dollar Business Owner

In this episode Micah talks to Andrea Bailey-Brown a former teacher who turned her burning desire for entrepreneurship into a multi-million dollar business owner. In this episode you will...

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66. From Poor Health to Building a Global Healthy Foods Company – Dan Young

Micah talks to Dan Young the Founder and President of performance food centers and simple again. Having been met with serious health issues that threatened his daily activity, Dan...

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65. How to Build Wealth with Jackson Millan

In this conversation Micah interviews Mr Jackson Millan from Aureus Financial. They discuss how Jackson went from broke to the man when it comes to building wealth and how...

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Episode 64: Micah Update

Micah shares an update after his time off and looking forward to new episodes and podcast with great guest.

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Behind The Mic

Micah Logan


Micah is the Founder/CEO of MELD Fitness + Wellness and currently serves as the CEO of HushFrame.  In addition to that Micah has turned his award winning business model into a franchise concept that he plans to scale across the U.S.

PJ Pics 2

Paul Logan Jr


Paul has been creating and producing entertainment and artist content for his whole life.  With a passion for entertaining and experience in production he is the creative talent behind the podcast talent

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