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Episode 006: Stay In Your Business Lane

In Episode 6 Micah & Jonathan talk about why it’s important to stay in your business lane as an authority in what you do. They also discuss how to create a professional network and of course they unveil this episodes fantastic failure.

Episode 005: In Business Culture Trumps Strategy

In Episode 005: Micah & Jonathan talk about why it’s important for small businesses owners and Entrepreneurs to create a fantastic culture in their businesses for employees and customers to thrive and for your business to grow. Metrics and numbers are important to the bottom line, but so is making sure your business moves in the direction you want

Episode 004 :Don’t Be A One Trick Pony

In Episode 4 Micah & Jonathan talk about ideas for businesses for the younger generation of entrepreneurs. The guys also talk about how to use live video in your marketing to connect with your audience and which platform may work the best for live video. Also why it’s important not to be a one trick pony.

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Two Cents On Failure

In the latest Two Cents Short, Micah & Jonathan talk about failure and why it’s important for you to push through even if bad things happen in business.

Episode 3: The job of your business

In Episode 3 Micah & Jonathan talk about why it’s so important for you to understand the job of your business. Who is it that you serve? Who is buying your product or service and who exactly are your competitors. Make sure you understand fully who these customers and competitors are fully when you start or grow your business. Your competitors may not be who you think they are.

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Two Cents Business book review – Emyth

Jonathan and Micah review the emyth by Michaell Gerber and why they think it’s absolutely necessary for any small business owner and entrepreneur to purchase.

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Episode 2: Run your business like it’s going to close in 6 months

In this episode we talk about why it’s important to have tight business systems from the start and what they look like. We also discuss CRM (customer relationship management) systems and why if you’re just starting a new business or have an existing business they’re important. We discuss how blockbuster’s fantastic failure didn’t need to happen and we’ll drink an 18 year old macallan scotch!

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