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Episode 42: How to Manage Your Small Business When Life Change Happens

What systems are important to have in place when life changes happen? After the birth of Jonathan’s second son we discuss how to manage your business when life change happens.

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Episode 41: Three Crucial Small Business Lessons You Must Learn

While Jonathan is away with the family Micah is flying solo in this episode. Micah goes into three lessons small business owners must learn in order to be successful.

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Episode 040: Why Strategic Planning Is Important For Small Business

In Episode 40 Micah & Jonathan talk about the importance of strategic planning for small business in competitive markets. What would happen if your competitors rolled in and you weren’t prepared for it? The guys talk about this in the episode today.

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Episode 39: Reaction to John McAfee Interview

Micah & Jonathan react to the interview they had with John McAfee. It was a wild ride. Enjoy their personal reactions to their biggest interview to date.

Episode 38: John Mcafee Founder of McAfee AntiVirus

In Episode 38 Micah & Jonathan take a walk on the wild side with McAfee Antivirus Founder John McAfee. After a series of legal troubles and circumstances Mr McAfee finds himself on the run. However, we catch up with him. We apologize for the terrible

Episode 37: What to add to your Small Business marketing Plan in 2020

With Jonathan on vacation, Lance Mcbrayer steps in to fill he Co-Host seat. Micah & Lance talk about what to add to your small business marketing calendar in 2020. They also talk about what you should do to take advantage of your planning time and what exactly to implement in your marketing.

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On the next episode we will talk about company theft and how to deal with it.

How To Turn Your Business Around If It’s Dying

Micah & Jonathan talk about how you can turn your business around if it’s dying. They discuss a business that hadn’t grown in 5 years, but how they turned the business around and grew it after 5 years of not growing.

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Episode 35: Leaders Eat Last

Micah & Jonathan review the book Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. Also the guys give 12 tips to make your business travel more affordable. Don’t forget to join the Free Private Small Business Success Facebook group. Share, learn and implement, click here to join:

Episode 34: Small Business Owners Should Avoid This Whopper Of A MIstake

Micah & Jonathan talk about how a small business restaurant group made a mistake that cost them dearly. The guys also discuss why it’s important to put systems in place to make sure that when mistakes happen you are ok.

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Special Message From Producer Paul

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