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Episode 49: Small Business Owners & The Legalities Surrounding Covid-19

In Episode 49 Micah talks about the small business news of the week Shelly Luther the hair salon owner from dallas who got arrested for defying the governors stay at home orders. We discuss the legalities for small business owners surrounding covid-19, how to protect yourself from litigation with Travis Jacobs from The Jacobs Law LLC in Boston MA.

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Travis Jacobs (The Jacobs Law LLC)

Travis has been selected by SuperLawyers to the Massachusetts Rising Stars for the last 6 consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) in recognition of his Business Litigation skills. He has been a three (3) term Executive Board Member of Starting Out Solo, a non-profit organization that assists and provides intellectual capital resources to attorneys that start a solo law practice directly out of law school. In 2017, he was also appointed as a Member of the Northern Essex Community College Alumni Advisory Board. He is also a member of the Business Law Section of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and member of the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education.

The Jacobs Law Website

Episode 48: How To Manage The Anxiety Of Being A Small Business Owner Right Now

In Episode 48 Micah discusses how CA is handling small businesses with Governor Gavin Newsome stating the obvious. Also we talk to Ben Patwa CEO of Influencing Millions Inc about how small business owners can manage their stress and anxiety as they try to survive and reopen their businesses.

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Ben Patwa (Influencing Millions)

Episode 47: Putting Together A Re-Opening Plan For Your Small Business

In Episode 47 we go over how to put together a re-opening plan for safety in your small business with Clinical Assistant Professor Dr Cassie Ryan from Boston College. Also in small business news we analyze the PPP program and how some businesses have been using these funds to grow instead of to save their payroll. We want to hear from you if you have any questions for Dr Ryan email us at

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Step-by-step resources for creating a reopening plan from the CDC:

Episode 46: Small Business Survival Guide To Covid-19

In Episode 46 Micah talks about a few key points to surviving the Covid-19 crisis as small business owners. This episode will help provide some guidance and support for small business owners who are in need of the motivation to simply continue on.

Episode 45: Conversation With Chef Brooke Coleman

In Episode 45 Micah & Jonathan talk to Chef Brooke Coleman, the Chef captured national attention for her story of going from homeless to restaurant owner, through the hilarious stories and drama, Micah & Jonathan tap into what it takes to get your businesses off the ground with challenging circumstances and to become successful.

Episode 44: Sales Boot Camp Part 2 – Live Presentation

In Episode 44 Micah & Jonathan continue with their sales boot camp series. Today’s episode is part 2 the live presentation. The guys go deeeeep in helping listeners create their own live presentation. If you struggle with the face to face interaction during sales then this episode is for you.

Episode 43: Sales BootCamp Part 1 – Prospecting

This episode is part 1 of a 5 part sales training series that you can implement in your business. Today Micah & Jonathan tackle the first issue which is prospecting. You should be able to implement these strategies right away in your small business.

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Episode 42: How to Manage Your Small Business When Life Change Happens

What systems are important to have in place when life changes happen? After the birth of Jonathan’s second son we discuss how to manage your business when life change happens.

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Episode 41: Three Crucial Small Business Lessons You Must Learn

While Jonathan is away with the family Micah is flying solo in this episode. Micah goes into three lessons small business owners must learn in order to be successful.

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Episode 040: Why Strategic Planning Is Important For Small Business

In Episode 40 Micah & Jonathan talk about the importance of strategic planning for small business in competitive markets. What would happen if your competitors rolled in and you weren’t prepared for it? The guys talk about this in the episode today.

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