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End of 2020 Year Message

Hope you’re having as good of a year as possible given the pandemic. Many small businesses have been devastated this year, but 2021 should be the year of the big bounce back. I hope you’re planning to do some big things.

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Pushing Past Business Failure

Failure in business can be emotionally draining and comes with plenty of stress, but getting past failure requires perseverance. In Episode 59 Micah talks to Jeff Gargas from Teach Better. Jeff recounts his past successes, but also delves into his failures and how he pulled himself out of depression to become successful. If you’re a...

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Episode 58: How To Renegotiate Your Lease

In Episode 58 Micah speaks to Attorney Travis Jacobs about how to renegotiate your lease. With Covid-19 having a big impact on small businesses many small businesses will look to renegotiate their leases to help save money. In this episode we dive deep into how to do that. Also Micah give some resources for small...

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Episode 57: The Law of Singularity

In episode 57 Micah talks about the story of the Acre of Diamonds. Micah also talks about law #16 in the 22 immutable laws of marketing. Also more resources for small business owners that need assistance with grants.

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Episode 56: Keep Your Profits When You Sell Your Business

In episode 56 Micah gives resources for small business owners across the country to take advantage of. Did you know that there has been a 450% increase in text communication? You should understand why and leverage it. In the common cents conversation Micah talks to Brett Swarts from Capital Gains Tax Solutions who drops some...

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Episode 55: Part 2 How To Deploy Your Brand Strategy

In part 2 of the continuation of our two part interview on Branding Micah talks to George Paul of GPIII Creative to talk about how to deploy your brand strategy once you’ve created the brand. Also in this week in Small Business News Micah gives some resources for small business owners around the U.S. to...

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Episode 54: Part 1 Creating A Strong Brand On A Budget

In this episode Micah talks with George Paul from GPIII Creative about why it’s so important for small businesses to key in on branding their business. Often times Small Businesses just disregard this as unimportant, but are you leaving yourself at risk in the market place? We discuss and also in small business news this...

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Epiosde 53: New Poll: Will Americans shop at Small Business?

In this episode Micah talks about how to make the payment experience for your business contactless. Also there’s a new poll revealed that talks about whether or not Americans will shop at Small Businesses during the winter. In the common cents conversation Micah welcomes back Travis Jacobs from The Jacobs Law LLC. They talk about...

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Episode 52: How To Build a Strong Brand Message with Kari Dephillips

In Episode 52, Micah talks to Kari DePhillips from The Content Factory. Kari drops some bombs in this interview about how small business owners can craft a message that resonates with the public especially now during Covid 19. They also talk about three of the biggest mistakes businesses make when putting out messaging publicly. Micah...

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Episode 51: Direct Mail Is Not Dead

In this Episode Micah talks to Logan Shinholser from Contractor Growth Network. Logan has great insights on how to make your direct mail pop and how to put together an offer and a structure to your direct mail so people open it. This week in small business news we talk about how the coronavirus has...

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Episode 50: Don’t Be A PPP FRaud And Get Yourself A REal Business Mentor

In Episode 50 Micah digs into the week in small business news, where the government is cracking down on PPP loan fraud and also Micah speaks to Dr Colleen Mullen from Author of Coaching through Chaos about how business owners can manage their anxiety during the pandemic crisis Talk to us on social media: Facebook,...

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Episode 49: Small Business Owners & The Legalities Surrounding Covid-19

In Episode 49 Micah talks about the small business news of the week Shelly Luther the hair salon owner from dallas who got arrested for defying the governors stay at home orders. We discuss the legalities for small business owners surrounding covid-19, how to protect yourself from litigation with Travis Jacobs from The Jacobs Law...

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