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65. How to Build Wealth with Jackson Millan

In this conversation Micah interviews Mr Jackson Millan from Aureus Financial. They discuss how Jackson went from broke to the man when it comes to building wealth and how you can do the same with common sense financial practices. The common cents show is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build wealth growing past their first $200k...

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Episode 64: Micah Update

Micah shares an update after his time off and looking forward to new episodes and podcast with great guest.

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Episode 63: The Blue Light Measurement

Micah discusses how you can use the blue light measurement to keep your business efficiency simple. Also do you have symptoms of a lack of persistence?

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Episode 62: How to Buy the Business From Your Boss

Micah speaks to Michael Vann from The Vann Group and Author of how to buy the business from your boss.

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Episode 61: The Law of Sacrifice

In Episode 61 Micah talks about how the Law of Sacrifice comes from the 22 immutable laws of marketing.  There are one of three things you will have to sacrifice in order to grow your business against your competitors. Common Cents Facebook Group

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Episode 60: Power of Automatic Positivity in Customer Service

In this Episode Micah talks about the power of automatic positivity in your customer service for your business. It doesn’t mean what you think it means. Also have you taken advantage of the PPP 2.0? In the Common Cents Conversation Micah talks with Tim Fitzpatrick from Realto Marketing about how to improve your marketing for...

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End of 2020 Year Message

Hope you’re having as good of a year as possible given the pandemic. Many small businesses have been devastated this year, but 2021 should be the year of the big bounce back. I hope you’re planning to do some big things.

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Pushing Past Business Failure

Failure in business can be emotionally draining and comes with plenty of stress, but getting past failure requires perseverance. In Episode 59 Micah talks to Jeff Gargas from Teach Better. Jeff recounts his past successes, but also delves into his failures and how he pulled himself out of depression to become successful. If you’re a...

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