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Episode 47: Putting Together A Re-Opening Plan For Your Small Business

In Episode 47 we go over how to put together a re-opening plan for safety in your small business with Clinical Assistant Professor Dr Cassie Ryan from Boston College....

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Episode 46: Small Business Survival Guide To Covid-19

In Episode 46 Micah talks about a few key points to surviving the Covid-19 crisis as small business owners. This episode will help provide some guidance and support for...

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Episode 45: Conversation With Chef Brooke Coleman

In Episode 45 Micah & Jonathan talk to Chef Brooke Coleman, the Chef captured national attention for her story of going from homeless to restaurant owner, through the hilarious...

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Episode 44: Sales Boot Camp Part 2 – Live Presentation

In Episode 44 Micah & Jonathan continue with their sales boot camp series. Today’s episode is part 2 the live presentation. The guys go deeeeep in helping listeners create...

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Episode 43: Sales BootCamp Part 1 – Prospecting

This episode is part 1 of a 5 part sales training series that you can implement in your business. Today Micah & Jonathan tackle the first issue which is...

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Episode 42: How to Manage Your Small Business When Life Change Happens

What systems are important to have in place when life changes happen? After the birth of Jonathan’s second son we discuss how to manage your business when life change...

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Episode 41: Three Crucial Small Business Lessons You Must Learn

While Jonathan is away with the family Micah is flying solo in this episode. Micah goes into three lessons small business owners must learn in order to be successful....

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Episode 040: Why Strategic Planning Is Important For Small Business

In Episode 40 Micah & Jonathan talk about the importance of strategic planning for small business in competitive markets. What would happen if your competitors rolled in and you...

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Episode 39: Reaction to John McAfee Interview

Micah & Jonathan react to the interview they had with John McAfee. It was a wild ride. Enjoy their personal reactions to their biggest interview to date.

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Episode 38: John Mcafee Founder of McAfee AntiVirus

In Episode 38 Micah & Jonathan take a walk on the wild side with McAfee Antivirus Founder John McAfee. After a series of legal troubles and circumstances Mr McAfee...

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Behind The Mic

Micah Logan

Show Host

Micah is the owner of The Logan Companies, with interest in the health and wellness industry and real estate.  Micah has grown his business from a one person operation to a multi unit operation.

Jonathan Neves

Show Host

Jonathan is the owner of Green Energy Mechanical.  He has grown his HVAC company from the ground up.  His company has multiple employees, multiple divisions and services customers across Massachusetts.

PJ Pics 2

Paul Logan Jr


Paul has been creating and producing entertainment and artist content for his whole life.  With a passion for entertaining and experience in production he is the creative talent behind the podcast talent

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