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Micah's Bookshelf (Recommended Reading)

Business Systems & Structure

The books in this section were designed to help you create systems and processes to work on your business instead of in your business.  Avoid these books at your own risk, these are MUST READS  annually.


The book(s) in this section were written to help you create and refine your marketing plan for your business.  It’s important to make sure that your marketing plan is well rounded, thoughtful and not to make the same mistakes that fortune 500 companies made early on.  Stay in the principles of your marketing and your lead generation will explode.

Customer Service

The book(s) in this section were written to help you create superior customer service programs and to install core customer service values in your business.  If you want to be known for delivering “white-glove” service to your customers you have to pick up the book(s) in this section.  

Setting Up Your Business


Siteground Web Hosting

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Marketing & Signage

Business Signage

Marketing signage and collateral are crucial to making sure that your business is well presented and can leverage your branding to the public.  Connect with our partner Banner Buzz to get a great deal on signs and marketing collateral

HR & Payroll

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