About Us

The Story Behind Our Podcast

About Our Show

We are the official (unofficial) Small Business podcast.  Our show is geared towards helping small businesses grow past their first $200k in revenue.

Our Style

The podcasting style is to be info-taining.  We don’t want you falling asleep while you listen, we want you to be inspired, humored, but most importantly informed.  We believe you should walk away with golden nuggets with each show and feel like you can conquer your small business challenges.

Our Goal

Simple.  The goal of The Common Cents Show is to help a 100,000 businesses pass $400k in revenue.  The market is a big place and our strategies and guest have helped business owners take their business to the next level.


I hope you enjoy the podcast and share it with anyone you know who is a REAL entrepreneur or small business owner who is thinking of starting a business or has started a business and is either struggling or thriving.  Education never sleeps, welcome to your common sense solution to business problems.


Micah Logan 


Join Thousands of Listeners Worldwide

According to the global research center, there are some 300 million entrepreneurs looking to start up some 150 million small businesses.  No matter where you live in the world, even if economic conditions vary and populations differ, there are many similarities between the issues that face entrepreneurs starting up businesses.  

Common Sense Ideas

We’re committed to providing our listeners with the highest quality information and solutions to help with the start up and operating of your small business.