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Episode 63: The Blue Light Measurement

Micah discusses how you can use the blue light measurement to keep your business efficiency simple. Also do you have symptoms of a lack of persistence?

Episode 62: How to Buy the Business From Your Boss

Micah speaks to Michael Vann from The Vann Group and Author of how to buy the business from your boss.

Episode 61: The Law of Sacrifice

In Episode 61 Micah talks about how the Law of Sacrifice comes from the 22 immutable laws of marketing.  There are one of three things you will have to sacrifice in order to grow your business against your competitors.

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Episode 33: What Female Entrepreneurs Can Learn To Dominate In Your Space

Micah & Jonathan have a conversation with Vicky Gray from New Chapter Home Improvement. Vicky’s story is amazing, from starting a business with her husband from scratch to getting divorced and having to overcome business struggles to become a successful business owner. The guys go deep in the conversation and everyone can learn how to reach the next level in their business especially when entering a business field with limited experience.

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